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There are a dozen or so companies today that produce acid/patina stains, some are actually the same stain kemiko re-labeled under a different brand. Throughout the years I have come to prefer Kemiko brand acid stain. If your architect has specified a particular company's product or you know what type you want, we can certainly use it. Colors may vary from monitor to monitor and from a color swatch to your floor. Samples are a good idea to ensure that you have chosen the right color. If you contract with Concrete by Design to do your project, we will do samples free of charge.

A recent addition to concrete staining are concrete dyes. These dyes take better on white concrete with some porosity. If you think you want to use one of these vibrant concrete dyes on a new building project, you need to specify to your contractor to use a white concrete mix or to use a white color hardener on the top surface of the concrete.

Water based dyes