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Stained Concrete Experts in Austin, Texas

Concrete By Design is an experienced stained concrete artisan shop in Austin, Texas. From old world ambiance to art deco styles, Concrete By Design can transform your interior, exterior, residential, or commercial floors into a unique work of art. Decorative concrete is beautiful, versitale, durable, and affordable. Concrete by Design creates a natural, rustic stained concrete floor that will not chip, crack, or peel. Enjoy our website and explore the possibilities...visit our gallery to preview some examples.

Concrete by DesignEcological/Health Benefits
From an ecological standpoint, the greatest benefit offered by a stained and sealed concrete floor is permanence. Our landfills are over flowing with discarded carpet and vinyl tile that will not decompose for thousands of years. In contrast, with a little care, your concrete stained floor will survive the life of your home or business and is certainly more attractive. Another benefit of stained concrete is cleanliness. Stained concrete, unlike carpet, has the ability to be completely free of dustmites, and allergens. Exterior concrete stainingThis can be a great benefit for sufferers of allergies. It is also a far superior floor for pet owners or people who have kids running in and out.